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How to use this web part

Deploy the .wsp file to your desired site collection as you normally would any other wsp file and activate the webpart feature scoped at site collection level.

For this example we will use a custom list

In this list we shall have 2 views which are the "All Items" view and a secondary view which shows an additional column which is called "Demo View".

Put the page into edit mode and select the XSLT List View Renderer from the "Content Rollup" category. Add the web part to the zone you require.

In the webpart settings select the List and view you wish to be rendered as XML, in this example I am using my demo list I created and the secondary demo view which displays additional fields.

If you do not supply any XSL the webpart will output the xml generated from the view in the page. This can be viewed by looking at the pages source.

 You can supply XSL so the webpart outputs HTML buy supplying it in the XSL section of the webpart.

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