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Project Description

The aim of this project is to create a web part that allows the end user to easily select a list and apply XSLT to the resulting XML.

The Issue

Over the past few months I have been asked more and more to work on SharePoint 2010 Publishing sites as well as develop Standard SharePoint 2010 collaboration sites with some more styled content. The issue I had was getting the information from the lists I had onto the web part page without the need for client side scripting or the use of SharePoint Designer so I decided to try to create a web part that would aid me.

The Resolution

I came up with a web part that allows the designer to select a list and view from the current web to render as XML and then apply XSL to the XML resulting in HTML output that could be easily styled.  Visit the Documentation tab for a walk through on using this web part.


The future goals I have for this project are

  • Use best practice
  • Extend the webpart to be able to select lists from sub webs

Caveats and Disclaimer

Im a self taught programmer and like all humans make mistakes from time to time. I in no way am saying this implementation or code is perfect and would welcome your feedback and guidance to make this product better for everyone and help me learn. I have written this in my spare time and will endevour to keep it updated but can in no way promise anything. Please feel free to download the project solution and hack/bend in anyway to fit your needs or to produce something even better.

This has been written to solve a particular issue I had, I found it useful and decided to share it with you all.

This is my first codeplex project and I have loved doing it.....hope it helps you out in some way.


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